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6 Weird and Wonderful 80s Trends Making a Comeback

The Trends that Stood the Test of Time

The 80s was the incredible era of rock music and often leading fashion trends, some of which we’d like to stay in the back of the closet for now! It was when fashion was at its grungiest, when idols like Queen ruled the stage, when MTV was king and the first set of “for consumer” PCs were put on the market.

One thing to look back on fondly from the 80s, however, is definitely its striking sense of style. That’s why it’s no wonder that these six weird and wonderful trends are making a comeback on modern catwalks today.

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1. Shoulder Pads

The 80s and shoulder pads are synonymous with each other. It’s the style staple that defined an entire decade, and the power-suit frame and sharp-shouldered look is definitely back in fashion.

2. Off-The-Shoulder Looks

Another look from the 80s that is back in fashion is off-the-shoulder look. From both shoulders to one shoulder, this style has certainly made its return.

3. Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the most recognizable trends to have returned from the 80s. From animal printed coats to skirts and tops, there might not be any fur in these looks, but the print is definitely en Vogue. These loud patterns are incredibly stylish, and today, a total classic.

4. Power Suits

We’ve already mentioned shoulder pads, but it’s time to make a special mention to the power suit in general. Today you can tone down the “power” in your power suit by wearing pastels or lace. If you want to look trèschic, then try a bandeau instead of a top and some 80s-inspired sunglasses.


The power suit might have come into fashion after the movie Working Girl, but as Meghan Markle has to say, the trend is still incredibly flattering.

5. High Waist Jeans

Mom jeans were mocked just a few years ago, but look at the stylish kids on the block today,and you will find that they are very much still in style. In fact, the 80s “mom” jean is a style staple for Parisians, who, as we all know, have the Je ne sais quoi when it comes to French chic. Dress it to be more retro, or pair it with classic elements to rule this look and love the comfort.

6. Bomber Jackets

When it comes to 80s fashion, the bomber jacket is a classic that can be bought today. This jacket, fashionable and stylish on both men and women, has been in fashion since 1986 classic that is Top Gun was released. Recently it has found a new home on the catwalk of Fashion Week, and back into the closet of fashion-forward folks everywhere.

There are bad 80s trends that are better left in the past, but some, like these six, have stood the test of time and become true classics. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, try taking any trend and modernizing it for your own personal wardrobe, and get ahead of the rest.

Images by Angelo Sgambati for Design SCENE

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