Take a Tour of 9h Pod Hotel

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9H Pod Hotel
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Graphic design by Masaaki Hiromura
Interior design by Takaaki Nakamura
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Website: www.9hours.jp
We featured 9h hotel for the first time almost a year ago, today 9h is more than just a concept, besides its monochrome interior design by Takaaki Nakamura enriched by Masaaki Hiromura graphics, visitors also enjoy custom designed toothbrushes, sleepers, soap and even sleepwear. Simplicity, the new definition for sleep and hotel stay, has turned into an award-winning moto for the creators, today 9h is planning to open at 55 locations, continue for more images after the jump:



  1. newsforyuo says:

    Very nice. Japan!!!