#MFW Andrea Pompilio Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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Andrea Pompilio

Italian designer Andrea Pompilio reviled his Spring Summer 2016 ‘Love Me Forever or Never‘ menswear collection last Saturday during Milano Fashion Week. This is Andrea’s 10th collection.

Spring/Summer 16’s mood is indeed dominated by an overwhelming and ‘contradictory’ romanticism, which marks the collection with its constant duality: a nostalgic feeling that interchanges with a more irreverent and light-hearted one. The coming and going of such waves of pathos reflects the swing of emotions of each individual, oscillating between the bitterness of unfulfilled hopes and the sweetness of dreams to follow.
‘Love Me Forever or Never’ is the categorical imperative embroidered on shirts, T-shirts, tank-tops and outerwear, a sentimental request which embodies both passion and melancholy, but which retains a taste of irony in its graphic composition. A palette of soft, pastel colors -pale pink, nude, lilac, baby blue- is broken up by darker tones -night blue, rust, olive- but also by an intense lemon yellow, which demonstrates the sensibility for striking colours typical of Andrea’s aesthetic.” – Press Release

See looks from the collection bellow:

Andrea-PompilioSS16-02 Andrea-PompilioSS16-03 Andrea-PompilioSS16-04 Andrea-PompilioSS16-05 Andrea-PompilioSS16-06 Andrea-PompilioSS16-07 Andrea-PompilioSS16-08 Andrea-PompilioSS16-09 Andrea-PompilioSS16-10 Andrea-PompilioSS16-11 Andrea-PompilioSS16-12

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