#PFW 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

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Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim reviled their version of the new America with the Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection presented during this season’s Paris Fashion Week.

Spring 2016 re-imagines the archetypes of American sportswear. Taking aspirational cues from the refinement and romance of blue blood lineage, Ivy League athletic clubs, and militia uniform, the collection re-purposes regimented formalities with a cool street attitude.

PhillipLimSS16-02 PhillipLimSS16-03 PhillipLimSS16-04 PhillipLimSS16-05 PhillipLimSS16-06 PhillipLimSS16-07 PhillipLimSS16-08 PhillipLimSS16-09 PhillipLimSS16-10 PhillipLimSS16-11 PhillipLimSS16-12 PhillipLimSS16-13 PhillipLimSS16-14 PhillipLimSS16-15 PhillipLimSS16-16 PhillipLimSS16-17 PhillipLimSS16-18 PhillipLimSS16-19 PhillipLimSS16-20 PhillipLimSS16-21 PhillipLimSS16-22 PhillipLimSS16-23 PhillipLimSS16-24 PhillipLimSS16-25 PhillipLimSS16-26 PhillipLimSS16-27 PhillipLimSS16-28 PhillipLimSS16-29 PhillipLimSS16-30 PhillipLimSS16-31 PhillipLimSS16-32 PhillipLimSS16-33 PhillipLimSS16-34 PhillipLimSS16-35 PhillipLimSS16-36

Website: www.31philliplim.com

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