#BFW Julian Zigerli Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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Julian Zigerli

Julian Zigerli presented his White Rabbit Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection during the recently finished Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Show Concept is courtesy of the designer Julian Zigerli + Yannick Aellen, with production and casting by Yannick Aellen for Mode Suisse. Hair styling by AVEDA with makeup by AOFM Pro. Music mixed by Blauke. For the limited-edition sunglasses accessory Julian Zigerli teamed up with Berlin-based eyewear specialists Lunettes Kollektion.

Inspired by a recent trip to Japan, Julian Zigerli’s spring-summer 2016 collection “White Rabbit” plays with the strong contrasts that can be found in the Japanese culture, naturally flirting with the cute and lovely as much as with the dark and twisted.

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See more of the new spring summer collection after the jump:

JulianZigerliSS16-02 JulianZigerliSS16-03 JulianZigerliSS16-04 JulianZigerliSS16-05 JulianZigerliSS16-06 JulianZigerliSS16-07 JulianZigerliSS16-08 JulianZigerliSS16-09 JulianZigerliSS16-10 JulianZigerliSS16-11 JulianZigerliSS16-12 JulianZigerliSS16-13 JulianZigerliSS16-14 JulianZigerliSS16-15 JulianZigerliSS16-16 JulianZigerliSS16-17 JulianZigerliSS16-18 JulianZigerliSS16-19 JulianZigerliSS16-20 JulianZigerliSS16-21 JulianZigerliSS16-22 JulianZigerliSS16-23 JulianZigerliSS16-24 JulianZigerliSS16-25 JulianZigerliSS16-26 JulianZigerliSS16-27 JulianZigerliSS16-28 JulianZigerliSS16-29 JulianZigerliSS16-30 JulianZigerliSS16-31 JulianZigerliSS16-32

Web: www.julianzigerli.com

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