#MFW Prada Fall Winter 2016 Collection

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Miuccia Prada presented PRADA’s fall-winter 2016 collection during the Milano Fashion Week. The collection isinspired by nautical theme, featuring corsets and belts over coats, sailor hats and cross-body bags, rich brocades, fur and velvet. Artist Christophe Chemin worked with Prada on a selection of prints full of color. The footwear include laced up boots and platform brogues.


For show space AMO takes an inspiration from the traditional public stages and places of civic ceremonies. See more about AMO Show Space for Prada FW16 Runway.

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Prada-MFW-FW16-(2) Prada-MFW-FW16-(3) Prada-MFW-FW16-(4) Prada-MFW-FW16-(5) Prada-MFW-FW16-(6) Prada-MFW-FW16-(7) Prada-MFW-FW16-(8) Prada-MFW-FW16-(9) Prada-MFW-FW16-(10) Prada-MFW-FW16-(11) Prada-MFW-FW16-(12) Prada-MFW-FW16-(13) Prada-MFW-FW16-(14) Prada-MFW-FW16-(15) Prada-MFW-FW16-(16) Prada-MFW-FW16-(17) Prada-MFW-FW16-(18) Prada-MFW-FW16-(19) Prada-MFW-FW16-(20) Prada-MFW-FW16-(21) Prada-MFW-FW16-(22) Prada-MFW-FW16-(23) Prada-MFW-FW16-(24) Prada-MFW-FW16-(25)
All images courtesy of PRADA

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