#PFW Raf Simons Menswear Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

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Designer Raf Simons took the recently wrapped up Paris Fashion Week to present his Fall Winter 2016 menswear collection. With the latest designs Simons redefines our notion of oversized. The designs prepared for the season’s cold moments, shine a spotlight on outerwear with college reminiscent knitwear in toe.


Discover all the new men’s looks by Raf Simons shown at Paris Fashion Week after the jump:

Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(1)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(2)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(3)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(4)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(5)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(6)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(7)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(8)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(9)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(10)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(11)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(12)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(13)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(14)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(15)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(16)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(17)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(18)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(19)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(20)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(21)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(22)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(23)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(24)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(25)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(26)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(27)    Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(28)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(29)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(30)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(31)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(32)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(33)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(34)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(35)   Raf-Simons-aw16-17-(36)

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