#MFW: Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2018 Collection

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Discover Frankie Morello’s Spring Summer 2018 collection presented during the Milano Fashion Week. The first part of the collection, #Beach, is inspired by the landscapes of almost lunar space, while the second part, #InsideWater, is inspired by the marine world.


In the last part of the collection, #SpaceOcean, we introduce the world of abysses, where the only sources of light are given by the bioluminescence of almost alien-looking animals that point to a surreal world resumed on allover prints. Humanoid anatomical silhouettes are superimposed on technological elements and lead to the emergence of new hybrid forms of life, enabling us to enter into a mysterious vision, at the confines of reality and fantasy: welcome to Atlantis. The interpretation of this civilization is characterized by a tribal touch thanks to the use of technological materials such as cables and wires attached to handmade wire embroideries that recreate a geometric tribal appearance. – from Frankie Morello

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