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Coco Rocha in Chanel for Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2014

Coco Rocha

Harper's Bazaar Australia celebrates the last weeks of summer with Chanel Spring Summer 2014 collection and supermodel Coco Rocha as their gorgeous April 2014 covergirl.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Which was more difficult: coaching the girls for the competition or getting along with Naomi and Karolina?

Coco Rocha: I think you know the answer to that.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Yes, I can imagine!

Coco Rocha: When we first started shooting, we were like children on the first day of school. But two days into the show, you could definitely see that there was competition among Team Naomi, Team Coco, and Team Karolina. We’re all fighting to win. We have three different personalities and our own concept of how a model should model, so you know it’s going to be a good show.

Jean Paul Gaultier: From what I saw, it seems like there was a bit of tension between Naomi and Karolina.

Coco Rocha: There’s going to be tension in a lot of scenes.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Yes, yes, yes! Especially with Naomi, she can be sometimes a little excited, no? Did you teach the girls how to Irish dance?

Coco Rocha: No, I didn’t get to, but they knew that I could. Everyone always remembers my dancing.

Jean Paul Gaultier: I think you should teach male models how to walk. Some guys are very beautiful, but they walk like they’re embarrassed. It’s ridiculous.

Coco Rocha: How do you choose a male model for your shows?

Jean Paul Gaultier: I want a male model version of you or Naomi or Karolina or Linda [Evangelista]. What makes you special is that you create so many different personalities. It’s boring when the models all walk exactly the same. Don’t you think?

Coco Rocha: That’s why all of us like doing your show. You allow us to be whoever we want. These days we’re told to walk straight, don’t move, no emotion, no nothing. I want my team [on The Face] to play characters because it’s far more interesting. I have to say that you’re one of the only designers who likes to talk to his models and ask us about our opinions and what we’re thinking.

Jean Paul Gaultier: If there were no models, I couldn’t do my shows. You make my shows real—I love that. – from Coco's GLAMOUR Interview by JPG

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