Secret Garden by Lukasz Pukowiec for Harper’s Bazaar Thailand

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Secret Garden story masterfully captured by talented fashion photographer Lukasz Pukowiec with model Dasha Sergeeva at View Managment for Harper's Bazaar Thailand. Makeup courtesy of makeup artist Adrian Świderski for Rouge Bunny Rouge. In charge of the styling was fashion editor Patrycja Juraszczyk, while creative and fashion direction were set by Chamnan Pakdeesuk.

The radiant session took place in Barcelona

Secret-Garden-by-Lukasz-Pukowiec-for-Harper's-Bazaar-Thailand-02 Secret-Garden-by-Lukasz-Pukowiec-for-Harper's-Bazaar-Thailand-03 Secret-Garden-by-Lukasz-Pukowiec-for-Harper's-Bazaar-Thailand-04 Secret-Garden-by-Lukasz-Pukowiec-for-Harper's-Bazaar-Thailand-05 Lukasz Pukowiec

Stylist assistants: Yassine Chenna, Claudia Brotons
Hair: Noemi Nohales/ Kasteel Agent
Retouch: Sandra Ojuri