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The Best Jewellery to Wear with Casual Tees

Look at any fashion advice magazine or website and it is hard to escape the fact that accessories make a big difference

best jewellery
If you’ve ever wondered why the same basic outfit can look plain and boring on one woman and chic and stylish on another, the answer almost always lies in the small extra touches. Of course, jewellery is one of the easiest ways to accessorise your outfits without having to own a huge collection of scarves, belts and hats, but while it may be easy to pick the perfect evening jewellery to wear with your favourite party dress, choosing jewellery to accessorise your most casual looks can be harder. It is still worth doing though, because the right jewellery can take your jeans and tee combo from slouchy and unfashionable to cute and appealing, and stop you look like you’re heading to the gym when you are wearing other very casual outfits.

Here are some great pieces of jewellery to wear with your favourite tees and other casual looks:

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets, from companies such as Pandora and Trollbeads, are fashionable and feminine without being too dressy or glam to wear with a casual day look. They are also great fun to own, because you can personalise them using charms or beads to represent things about you like your interests, the people and things you love, and events in your life, thanks to the huge range of beads and charms available using cool designs and things like birthstones. When you’ve had your bracelet for a while and accumulated a few different pieces for it, you’ll have a truly unique piece of jewellery you can wear with anything, including those tees!

Long Statement Necklaces

If, when you think of statement necklaces, you think evening wear, you are wrong. If you choose a cute style that hangs low and isn’t too sparkly or ‘blingy’, it can be great for livening up a casual outfit. Look for styles in less dressy materials featuring colourful beads made of wood or plastic, natural things like feathers, or chunky metal shapes. You can have it fall anywhere from just below the neckline of the t-shirt to a few inches above your waist, or even layer necklaces to create a bohemian look.

best jewellery
Statement Earrings

It is best not to go with statement earrings at the same time as a statement necklace, but if you don’t want a necklace covering up the design on your tee, then an eye-catching pair of earrings can add the detail you’ll otherwise be lacking. From bold hoops to arty dangly designs, the same rules apply – avoid sparkles and bling and choose natural materials, chunky metal or plastic to fit the casual feel of your outfit. Keep hair simple and casual too, and let the earrings be the main accessory.

Wearing fun jewellery with your casual clothes makes your simplest outfits look finished and cute, instead of drab or scruffy, and can take just seconds to do to pull your look together in the morning!

All images from: Sunkissed by Justin Aranha for Design SCENE Magazine


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