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#PFW Ex Infinitas Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Ex Infinitas
Ex Infinitas Spring Summer 2019 Collection by designer Lukas Vincent sees the light of day during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. Vincent was masterfully inspired by 1990s while creating his new collection, but also in the digital age of influences nodes to the elements of the 80s and 70s.


From practical to ornamental, classical board shorts are transmorphed into tailored trousers; thermobonded neon tape reminiscent of life guard jackets illuminate polished, oversized blazers; nylon is crinkled and paired with refined knits; towels are worn as full on accessories. 70s and 80s pre-digital board art is repurposed and now sits, finely embroidered, on the back of overshirts and jackets. Like prophetic graffitis or early internet art, the words “fuck this”, “I thought the future would be cooler” or “nowave”, bring a level of dialectic between the clothes, the wearer and the space they will inhabit. Not merely retro, this collection addresses 2018 by bringing a level of gender interplay into the mix, winking knowingly at clichés by using hues such as baby blue and cotton candy pink – and continues to question the gender binary by adding thigh high boots, belts worn as necklace, and sheer, delicate layers. – from Ex Infinitas

Discover the full collection:

Ex Infinitas Ex Infinitas

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