#PFW Issey Miyake Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

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Yoshiyuki Miyamae presented his Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection for Issey Miyake during the recent Paris Fashion Week. The collection features geometric lines with colored prints making the kaleidoscopic effect.


BEYOND – The traveler who sets out into the immeasurable world of Making Things ventures into unexplored galaxies in search of new stars. BEYOND—to pursue as yet unseen and unknown beauty created from A Piece Of Cloth. – from Issey Miyake

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Issey-Miyake-fw16-(2) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(3) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(4) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(5) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(6) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(7) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(8) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(9) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(10) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(11) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(12) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(13) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(14) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(15) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(16) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(17) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(18) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(19) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(20) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(21) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(22) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(23) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(24) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(25) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(26) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(27) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(28) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(29) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(30) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(31) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(32) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(33) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(34) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(35) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(36) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(37) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(38) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(39) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(40) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(41) Issey-Miyake-fw16-(42)
All images courtesy of Issey Miyake

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