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LOLA by Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Ad Campaign: LOLA by Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Model: Karlie Kloss |NEXT|
Photography by Juergen Teller
Marc Jacobs is adding a new fragrance to his growing perfume catalogue this fall, Lola. The designer told WWD that while the super popular, Daisy “is more sweet and innocent, Lola is more sensual – the name conjures up a flirtatious, warm spirit.” We love the idea of a sassy counterpart to sweet Daisy. We were slightly hesitant about girly florals, but eventually grew to love the scent. Lola will have a mix of pink peppercorn, ruby red grapefruit, vanilla and musk. Yum.
The bottle has a completely new vibe compared to any of his other fragrances too, and the shape is even different depending on what size you buy.
The ad (shot by Juergen Teller, of course) featuring Karlie tells us enough about this girl to make us certain we would love to drink champagne and dance all night with her.
Source: via WWD


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  1. cool… although, it leaves me wondering: MJ ads for LV feature Madonna, and the name of this perfume kind of hints at her daughter – Lola (maybe she’s an inspiration)))) guess not, but one never knows for sure with MJ….

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