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Milano: D&G Menswear Spring Summer 2010


Collection: D&G; – Menswear
Season: Spring Summer 2010
Models: Adam Senn, Alexandre Cunha, Andrea Preti, Arthur Kulkov, Brian Davenport, Brian Shimansky, Casey Taylor, Chris Folz, Danny Schwarz, Djordge Bogdanovic, Elia Cometti, Florin Sopcu, Garrett Neff, Guy Robinson, Issa Tomaleh, Jan Trojan, Janice Fronimakis, Jarek Pietka, Jesper Lund, Julian Feitsma, Julian Schratter, Julien Quevenne, Julien Sabaud, Julius Beckers, Laurent Albucher, Lukas Bossert, Luis Kelling, Marcus Hedbrandh, Miguel Iglesias, Nate Gill, Noah Mills (Opening),Philipp Bierbaum, Pontus, Rafael Lazzini, Sam Webb, Sean Harju, Sebastian Lund, Simon Nessman, Srdjan Rapo, Terron Wood, Texas Olsson, Thomas Hoefnagels, Timo Rademann, Toms Birkavs, Travis Davenport, Tyson Ballou, Vincent Dienst, Vladimir Ivanov
Tracklist: "Country Roads" remixed by Bingham & The Dead Horses
The D&G; Men’s collection for Summer 2010 re-elaborates the classic cowboy wardrobe, taking it into a modern and metropolitan dimension. Denim, the key material to produce jeans, shirts and patchwork prints, is matched with elegant velvet jackets, ties, bow-ties and suede or leather boots, thus evoking a British cowboy.
This collection, in fact, mixes and matches denim, street style and formal-wear with the irresistible nonchalance typical of the Brits, and combines it with a style reminiscent of the Old West. Earth colours and burnt hues such as brown, cognac and beige warm up the atmosphere when mixed with denim, making this collection particularly sexy and masculine.

Backstage Milano: D&G Menswear S/S 2010

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