Beauty by Piotr Stoklosa for VIVA! Moda

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Piotr Stoklosa

Magazine: VIVA! Moda
Issue: Spring 2011
Model: Sylwia Sucharska |D' Vision|
Makeup: Marcin Szczepaniak
Manicure: Marzena Kanclerska |Nail Spa|
Stylist: Zofia Komasa
Production: Katarzyna  Kasperska
Photo Assistant: Michal Grzywacz
Photographer: Piotr Stoklosa
Beauty and Timewear morph into one for this outstanding shoot by fashion photographer Piotr Stoklosa lensed for the latest issue of VIVA! Moda. Featured timepieces are designed by DKNY, Emporio Armani, Police and TW Steel.

Piotr Stoklosa Piotr Stoklosa Piotr Stoklosa Piotr Stoklosa