Alex Daxböck and Chris Precht from Penda Design The O Bridge

Penda Design

An impressive proposal for the Salford Meadows Bridge named The O bridge, the design was created in collaboration between Alex Daxböck and Chris Precht from Penda Design.

A continuously truss system is carrying a wooden finishing for a walk path and glazed, semi transparent handrails. With it‘s DDA compliant gradient of 1/20, both endings are generously widened to invite pedestrians. The walkway merges into a a terraced landscape, which can be used for sunbathing during the day and as an open air theatre at dawn. Hence its slope, the landing point of the bridge provides a great view over the Meadows. The O – cafe was integrated into the sliced landscape with direct view to the Irwell River and the O. – from the designers.

Penda Design

Penda Design

Penda Design

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