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Saskia de Brauw and Daft Punk by Peter Lindbergh for M Le Monde

Saskia de Brauw

Legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh teams up with supermodel Saskia de Brauw at Viva Models and powerhouse that is Daft Punk is for the cover story of M Le Monde. Peter is represented by 2b Management.

"At the time we started together, Peter's style was shockingly different," says Cindy Crawford. "At a time when it was all big hair and pushing the boobs up, he stripped you of those props and showed you in a different way. It's like being photographed right when you wake up in the morning." Ironically, familiarity is to blame for why Lindbergh initially didn't embrace his countrywoman Claudia Schiffer. "I felt I knew that kind of person too well; she wasn't exotic. It's a pity, because I wasted time with her in the beginning. We grew into each other. She is a true woman now." Says Schiffer, "It's like a friend is taking your picture. A long-lost friend."

The woman Lindbergh would most characterize as a muse, however, is Milla Jovovich: "When Milla comes in, you feel like something is going to happen." Jovovich, who appears on the cover of Lindbergh's book Untitled 116, her face bare save for a dark slash of lipstick, recalls once taking off her makeup after a shoot. "Peter said, 'Stop!' and took the picture. It's strong yet vulnerable and iconic, but without trying to prove anything." Jovovich speaks of Lindbergh like family. "My favorite word of his is beautiful, beautiful!" – extract from the Profile of Iconic Fashion Photographer Peter Lindbergh at Harper's BAZAAR (MUST READ!)

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Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw

Saskia de Brauw Saskia de Brauw Peter Lindbergh Peter Lindbergh Peter Lindbergh Peter Lindbergh

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