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Reese Witherspoon Covers Glamour December 2015

Reese Witherspoon

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon takes the cover of Glamour Magazine‘s December 2015 Women of the Year issue captured by fashion photographer Tom Munro. In charge of styling was Laura Ferrara.

Look, you do the best you can. But it’s hard. When I find things egregiously misrepresentative of women, I’ll make a point to say to my son, ‘Turn that off. I don’t want to see women behave that way. And I don’t want to see men treat those women that way.’ You hope you’re saying the right things—but also, as a kid becomes a teenager, you feel like there’s a ticking clock for you to tell them everything they need to know. My kids make me laugh every day. And they’re so supportive. As I get older, they understand those things I worried about—the guilt of being gone—in a way that’s so healing for me, when they say, ‘Mom, we know you love what you do. We love to watch you do what you do.’” – Reese on teaching her son not to objectify women.


Malgorzata Mikolajczak

Malgorzata Mikolajczak in Let England Shake by Wiktor Franko

Natasa Vojnovic

Natasa Vojnovic for IO Donna by Dancian