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#MFW Canali Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

Italian fashion house Canali is synonymous to impeccable classic tailoring easily connected to Italy, nevertheless with Andrea Pompilio as the creative director the label has become a leader in contemporary menswear. With a minimalist approach in Pompilio and his team of designers created coveted and modern men’s pieces.


“There is so much of the world that we don’t actually perceive and I wanted to explore this concept for the new season. As in architecture, every detail, both inside and out, was carefully calculated to craft the perfect balance between practicality and style.” – from Andrea Pompilio

The design lines masterfully follow the architecture of men’s body, even often voluminous coats leave with an impressive silhouette. In tow with the season Canali team has selected materials such as an alpaca blend of soft wool, as well as smooth cotton velvet in addition to the pony hair mixed with leather to present a textual experience.

The showspace itself had a pivotal moment in the presentation, a reference often sculptural was this time separating the runway in two – middle of the runway Canali team placed a series of vertical blades creating an endless perspective changing in its shape and form in contact with light and shadow (do not miss the video above).

To see is not to see. Elements and details, many imperceptible, come together in a collection that undertakes the ambitious task of making excellence appear effortless. The new season is an exercise in equilibrium as contrasts take center stage – luxury wears a mask of minimalism and a shadowy, industrial palette manifests points of illumination. A studied construction conveys apparent simplicity while voluminously soft silhouettes conceal an air of agility. – from Canali

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CanaliFW16_look_30 CanaliFW16_look_31 CanaliFW16_look_32 CanaliFW16_look_33 CanaliFW16_look_34 CanaliFW16_look_35 CanaliFW16_look_36 CanaliFW16_look_37 CanaliFW16_look_38 CanaliFW16_look_39 CanaliFW16_look_40 CanaliFW16_look_41 CanaliFW16_look_42 CanaliFW16_look_01 CanaliFW16_look_02 CanaliFW16_look_03 CanaliFW16_look_04 CanaliFW16_look_05 CanaliFW16_look_06 CanaliFW16_look_07 CanaliFW16_look_08 CanaliFW16_look_09 CanaliFW16_look_10 CanaliFW16_look_11 CanaliFW16_look_12 CanaliFW16_look_13 CanaliFW16_look_14 CanaliFW16_look_15 CanaliFW16_look_16 CanaliFW16_look_17 CanaliFW16_look_18 CanaliFW16_look_19 CanaliFW16_look_20 CanaliFW16_look_21 CanaliFW16_look_22 CanaliFW16_look_23 CanaliFW16_look_24 CanaliFW16_look_25 CanaliFW16_look_26 CanaliFW16_look_27 CanaliFW16_look_28
All Images Courtesy of Canali


Dakota Johnson for The Edit by Laurie Bartley

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