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#LFW Osman Fall Winter 2016 collection

 took the London Fashion Week to present his Fall Winter 16 womenswear collection. The collection is a mix of clean forms, exceptionally precise tailoring, innovative cutting and masterful draping.


For Autumn/Winter 2016 Osman takes inspiration from the romanticism of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’, as well as the disruptive influence of the 1980’s Buffalo movement, itself romantic in its revolutionary nature and freedom of thinking. With a focus on the clash between hard and soft, sleekness and volume, rich textural pieces in luxurious brocade, silk, velvet and San Gallo lace sit alongside embroidery and the sheen of leather. This results in a collection of modern classics that can beworn individually or layered. – from Osman

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All images courtesy of Osman

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