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#LFW Fyodor Golan Fall Winter 2016


Fyodor Golan presented their Fall Winter 2016 collection during the ongoing London Fashion Week. The designers use playful colors and experimental cuts with digital like textures and interesting prints to create very expressive collection.

Bally US


See more of the collection after the jump:
Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(2) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(3) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(4) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(5) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(6) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(7) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(8) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(9) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(10) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(11) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(12) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(13) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(14) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(15) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(16) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(17) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(18) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(19) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(20) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(21) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(22) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(23) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(24) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(25) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(26) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(27) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(28) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(29) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(30) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(31) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(32) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(33) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(34) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(35) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(36) Fyodor-Golan-fw16-(37)

All images courtesy of  Fyodor Golan

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