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#ALTAROMA Quattromani Fall Winter 2016.17 Womenswear Collection

Quattromani designers Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau are in the mood for the department story chic moment with their latest collection presented during Alta Roma.


It’s a Sardinian legend again, the ritual of Argia, the inspiration for the Fall Winter 2016|2017 collection by Quattromani. According to the tale, when someone is bitten by the argia, a poisonous spider whose bite could be fatal, the only way to heal the victims to lead them to smile through songs, rhymes and dances, sometimes scandalous, by three women: a nubile, a married and a widow. A stylistic metissage with a neo-artisanal taste for extremely feminine allure and neo-seventies shapes, are the starting points that give consistency to the legend. In this way, sleek silhouettes are created in the full color pencil skirt. Ultimately the shape gets more tapered and floating in the midi dress with neck now and the almost impalpable maxi dress, becoming then soft and flowing in the coat with multicolor ecofur inserts. – from Quattromani

Discover more of the Fall Winter 2016 collection after the jump:

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All Images Courtesy of Quattromani

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