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PEET DULLAERT’s Visionary Project Series – FLOURIR

Discover Flourir, a part of Peet Dullaert‘s Visionary Projects series featuring Peet Dullaert’s Fall-Winter 2017 collection, photographed by Robbert Jacobs and styled by David Gomez Villamediana.

A Visionary Project series initiated by PEET DULLAERT about “Life; the beauty of diversity and the proud manifestation of unique identity.”

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Creative Direction: Peet Dullaert 
Photography: Robbert Jacobs 
Casting Director: Mitch Macken MM Casting 
Styling: David Gomez Villamediana 
Flower styling: NUE Paris Claire Boreau 
Makeup: Carlos Saidel 
Hair: Magdalena Loza
Chanel de Leon – Elle Taen – Indigo Hanlon – Riet Vermeersch – Antoine Loro – Edun – Xu Liu – Dais Huisman – India Ruiterman – Elle Taen – Aviv Schneider – Kaina Mercado – Maggie Jablonski – Ursula Hendrickx – Sean Levy – Virgile Malarewicz – Amelia Kearney – Anabel Krasnotsvetova 
In exclusive collaboration with Jill Models Management / Marilyn Agency Paris / City Models Paris
Photographed at the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris

Lucie and Luke Meier Appointed as Creative Directors of JIL SANDER

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