#PFW: Rick Owens Spring Summer 2018 Collection

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Rick Owens presents the women’s spring summer 2018 collection at courtyard of the Palais de Tokyo at Paris Fashion Week. The collection represents stoicism, fertility, futurism, hope; Rick Owens translates this into his designs in twisted and flanged forms that hang around the body. In layers of neck holes and armholes, thin white t-shirts are stretched over the body creating a crude American’s brutalist interpretation of French confection. Using different forms of canvas as the prime fabric for the collection; such as a nylon/cotton technical canvas with the sheen of a duchesse, stiff cotton sateen canvas, a chalky matte rubber and cotton canvas, shiny lacquered canvas, metal mega-bugle beaded canvas, “canvas as a modest material to sculpt and paint on has always appealed to me since art school; canvas just feels like potential and a fresh start” says Rick Owens.

Spring Summer 2018 Collection

“Instead of morbidly romanticizing our socio-ecological peril, which I have so gleefully indulged in in the past, I feel I need to propose experimental grace and form as a gesture of turning away from threat, not really as escapism, but as rejection” –Rick Owens

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