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Why Men Consider Their Clothes as Investment


When it comes to men, their relationship with clothes, how much they purchase and what exactly they end up buying is very different than the “normal”. You see, it’s a very simple process, they are attracted to pieces that fulfill specific criteria and once they do find them, they buy them completely disregarding their price tag. They believe that the articles of clothes they buy are long term investments so let me explain to you why.

1. Timeless

Most of the male population goes for clothes that are timeless and can be worn on multiple occasions.  Think about it, the fashion industry is constantly changing so the male population tends to buy the basic pieces that they think will withstand the test of time. Technically, the money they spend on those articles of clothes is well spent and justified  since they can wear them anytime they want, without the fear of being out of style.


2. Portrayed image

We generally pick clothes that we think better represent us and show off our own unique personalities. I mean that’s the point of having a variety to choose from in the first place and that’s also why there are different clothes brands that embody diverse styles. We have Ralph Lauren’s RRL line (or double RL) that provides pieces of clothes solely inspired by heritage western-style work wear so their clients mainly consists of those who want to be seen as ruggedly handsome with their country boots tucked into their jeans. There are also other brands like Gucci, Fendi, Chanel…etc. each portraying different images with various styles of clothes.


3. Quality

An important factor in the whole buying process is the quality of clothes. It is a well-known fact that if the quality is there then the price tag is reasonable.  So expensive fashion brands are an investment since they guarantee good quality clothes. They even pride themselves in the fabrics they use and the decisions they make, all to provide the best quality possible.


So basically, the reason why men buy from well-known brands is they know they are getting their money’s worth in quality and durability. A cool concept they follow is the whole “cost per wear” mentality, which is basically dividing the total price of a piece by how many times you wore it. So if you wore a 100-dollar shirt 20 times then each use cost you 5 dollars, and that is one heck of a good investment. Same applies here, if you buy an expensive shirt that you get a lot of wear out of, then it’s a way better decision than buying a cheaper piece that will fray the second time you try to wear it; Simple math.


4. Comfort

The number one thing that men look for in clothes is comfort. The ultimate solution to being fashionable and wearing comfortable clothes is investing in good brands that focus solely on the comfort of their client and the image they embody. Here, spending money and investing in those pieces of clothes is justified.

Totally worth it

You see it all makes sense now, if you think the clothes are worth it and know that what you are buying from those brands can’t be found anywhere else than the money aspect shouldn’t make a difference. It’s not just about the clothes it’s about what they represent and how they make you feel. Think of that the next time you go shopping.

Photo credit: Lorenzo Sutto for MMSCENE Magazine by Igor Cvoro.

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