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#MBFW Berlin: Guido Maria Kretschmer SS20: “Rue du Coeur” presented by OTTO

Sussan Zeck Reviews Guido Maria Kretschmer’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Guido Maria Kretschmer
©Guido Maria Kretschmer

With his Spring Summer 2020 collection titled “Rue du Coeur” which has been presented by OTTO, Guido Maria Kretschmer is encouraging its audience to follow the street of their hearts. This emotional message underlines the designers’ charismatic spirit incredibly well. Moreover it motivates you to focus on what really matters, to follow your heart. It has been the third time the popular German designer teamed up with fashion house OTTO. Furthermore, which will delight the friends and fans of him even more, is the fact the runway looks of these line can be bought right after the show under Thus, you might get your favourite catwalk inspiration right into your wardrobe!


Continue below to read full review by our Germany Contributor SUSSAN ZECK:

©Guido Maria Kretschmer

For Spring/ Summer 2020, Guido Maria Kretschmer took his inspiration from the legendary Orient Express. For a very long time span, you could travel from Paris to Istanbul with this train. Logically, a wide range of influences from various cultures clearly shine through in the men- and womenswear looks of this collection: starting with looks that embody France- the tricolore, basque caps and the very inspiring mix of white, blue and red. Details of the 1920s and 1930 certainly play a central role, such as sophisticated, glamorous fringes (oh yes! Guido Maria Kretschmer loves glamour and he interprets it always so incredibly well), golden Art deco prints, plus influences from different cultures.

©Guido Maria Kretschmer

The diverse looks depict the variety of this compelling collection. When traveling with Guido Maria Kretschmer, you are prepared for any occasion. What certainly stands out and stays in mind is a bunch of refreshing metallic nuances. They appear in all kind of tones, and definitely deserve devotion. Long, glamorous evening robes sparkle and shine and make you dream of collecting thousand memories on your next journey. A menswear suit that is kept in salmon and gold tones is a true highlight. This strong, vibrant colour choice can be understood as an ode to celebrate life in all its facets.

©Guido Maria Kretschmer

While marine hues, such as navy, red and white are a favourite of this collection, a plenty of other colours are applied as well: amethyst, orchid, turquoise, salmon, scarlet, pewter, dove grey, shamrock and, of course, the timeless classics night black and sheer white. With choosing such diverse colours, this collection contains pieces for every taste and, for every occasion. It is like a journey through various countries.

©Guido Maria Kretschmer

What Guido Maria Kretschmer is very proud of this season are his “New Cocktail Looks” – a new combination of his designs. For these outfits, a soft chiffon skirt is paired with an oversized- blazer. Therefore, unusual combinations are working incredibly well together. But also in his menswear line new looks appear, for instance the pairing of a blazer with a casual shorts. Incredibly inspiring!

Rue de Coeur” is a very joyful, refreshing Spring/ Summer 2020 collection that makes you dream of traveling through the most diverse cultures and countries.

Picture Credit: Guido Maria Kretschmer /
Review by Sussan Zeck for D’SCENE Magazine

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