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The Ultimate Style Guide for Women Who Want To Improve Personal Style

Style changes from season to season, but here are a few note worthy ultimate style guide tips set to last you a lifetime.

ultimate style guide
Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

Ever found yourself admiring at a woman’s image just because of the way her outfit looks on her, the way she wears it with pride, and the overall glam factor? Well, your reason for your admiration may be based on the fact that our choice of clothing affects our self-image. Your personal style can say a lot about your overall confidence because it helps people to identify your moods with ease, call it your signature if you like. However, it may take some time before you can find a personal style that looks like your natural identity while at the same time making you feel good. It’s not uncommon to find women wearing clothes just for the sake of it, and if you’re in this category, well, it may be time to revamp your closet!

Here’s the ultimate guide for women who want to improve their personal style:

1. Identify Your Body Type and Shape

The first step is to know the kind of clothes that would look good on you depending on your body type. While some argue that your body type should NEVER dictate the kinds of clothes you wear, some outfits just look better on others. Every woman is created with a unique figure, and regardless of your height, weight, or width, your choice of clothes can make you feel and look different. One of the best things you can do to improve your personal style is to dress for your body type and shape. Your smart choice of color, fabric density, and type of clothes can make a huge difference in your personal style. Camouflaging your body type flaws will be determined by your choice of outfit.

ultimate style guide
Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

2. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ladies, it doesn’t hurt to be noticed! However, it’s important to get noticed for the right reasons. Improving your personal style may mean doing things differently and adopting a different approach when it comes to closet matters. For instance, if you’re used to a formal outlook, you may want to try mixing it up with a casual element for the weekends, say some skinny or boyfriend jeans and fancy T-shirts. The article “The Ultimate T-shirt Style Guide For Women” from Flybird Apparel demonstrates the versatility of the T-shirt by showing how to pair it with anything from a flowy skirt to boyfriend jeans to joggers. The point of mixing your formal clothes and casual outfits is to look fabulous without having to look like you were trying to put too much pressure on yourself or overdressing.

Nevertheless, you also don’t want to compromise on your professional image.

ultimate style guide
Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

3. Wear What Inspires You

Did you know that what you wear affects your energy levels? Finding a point of inspiration in your personal style is all it takes to find yourself whistling all the way to work or leaving home with a gloomy face. When it comes to personal style, we all have an ingrained attraction towards a particular type of style. Sometimes our clothing inspirations come from celebrities or personal icons. If this is what or who inspires you, wear it with pride.

4. How To Prioritize Comfort over Brand

It’s your personal style and you should feel good and comfortable with it! While outfits from certain brands may indeed enhance your looks and magnify your image, it shouldn’t determine your style. The brand needs only to be the foundation to inspire you on what to wear.

ultimate style guide
Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

In conclusion, your personal style is a reflection of so many things but most importantly, it needs to reflect on who you are. Finding the right style for you may be overwhelming, but the above tips will go a long way into helping you to not only look good but also feel good in whatever you choose to wear.

All images from DESIGN SCENE Style Story by Katie Borrazzo featuring top model Indre Aleksiuk at Silent Models – see the full shoot.

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