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MFW: PRADA Fall Winter 2020 Collection Brings The Surreal Glamour

Prada Fall Winter 2020 collection once again took the cornerstone position of Milan Fashion Week. Find key looks, runway video, showspace and more:

PRADA Fall Winter 2020
Image courtesy of ©Prada

PRADA Fall Winter 2020 runway show takes the spotlight of Milan Fashion Week with an eye-catching take on the fashion house’s take on glamour. Entitled “The Surreal Glamour” the collection embodies the sentiment of Miuccia Prada’s signature aesthetic. 

Updating Prada’s style codes while being faithul to the house’s true colours is Miuccia Prada’s job every season. Jumping the tightrope between tradition and innovation was the imminent dynamic that played out in Miuccia’s new Fall Winter collection. With fall collections hitting shelves ever earlier, hence the summery feel of a series of looks in Prada’s Surreal Glamour suggests a strong longing for warm weather and a relaxed disposition going in hand. 

Bringing us closer the collection Prada shared with the press: 

A consideration of the strength of women, an emphasis on an inherent authority found in that which is intrinsically feminine. Rather than a negation of identity, a celebration. The agency of women. Progenitorial raiments of glamour and beauty serve as an aesthetic shorthand for typical definitions of femininity – synonymous with a softness, a fragility, a sensuality. Here those qualities are championed to be challenged, their reflection in visual rhetoric surrendering examples combined deliberately to contradict, undermine and propose new meaning. Paradoxically, delicacy can define strength.

To emphasise the Italian flair for easy formality and light-casual elegance, Miuccia Prada also referenced art-deco like flowers as a reacquiring motif in a number of garments. Throughout the collection the silhouettes were streamlined and mildly restrained, with lightweight lingerie like fabrics adding a touch of softness to the collection’s architectural rigour.

PRADA Fall Winter 2020
Image courtesy of ©Prada

Finding the true mix of feminine and masculine is a pivotal for Prada who once again discovers a way to connect both style wise by taking an up to date road. 


The collection itself, had only a moment to part from the hype of the newly announced creative merger with fashion designer Raf Simons. The Fall Winter 2020 is marking the last womenswear collection shaped solely under Miuccia Prada’s direction. 

Discover the runway highlights, images of the show space and key looks after the jump: 

PRADA Fall Winter 2020
Image courtesy of ©Prada
PRADA Fall Winter 2020
Image courtesy of ©Prada

Discover all the key looks from the Prada Fall Winter 2020 collection: 

Trajectories were the focal point of the Prada Fall Winter 2020 showspace placed at the Fondazione Prada Desposito building. In charge of the set design was once again AMO, the design office of the world renowned OMA architecture practice. The set of Piazza’s already seen on the menswear show got a new look for the women’s catwalk. Prada team shared:

The scene is simple yet dynamic: a series of portals organized symmetrically around the courts mark a threshold between inside and outside. Sinuous graphics trace, deflect, and engage objects and openings within the courtyard, covering the floor and continuing up the wall, creating a cohesive three-dimensional space. Along the walls, boldly geometric flowers appear between the graphics, echoing the façades of Viennese Secessionist buildings. At the center of each composition is a statue of Atlas abstracted into a series of sliding and interlocking planes. Beyond the black walls at the edge of each space glows a mysterious red ether, marking both the limit and the limitlessness of the set.

Take a closer look of the set: 


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