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DESIGN SCENE GUIDE: 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

Keep reading for tips on how to give your personal style a boost

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

Have you ever picked out an outfit or a nail color… only to find it’s really not for you? Sure, it might be “in” this season, or your bestie thinks it’s amazing, but you’re looking at yourself thinking “Nope”.  You know yourself better than any magazine cover does, so if a certain style just doesn’t work for you, don’t feel you have to wear it.

Instead, find ways to enhance the style you like. Keep reading for tips on how to give your personal style a boost.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

1- Skin, Nails, and Hair – Lets Start There

Skin, nail, and haircare routines are small but significant ways to help you promote your personal look.

First up – skin! Get yourself a reliable skincare routine. Some essentials that every kit need are a cleanser, a moisturizer for nighttime, and sunscreen during the day. And make sure you get the right products for your skin type!

Secondly, something a lot of people neglect is keeping their nails in check. They don’t have to be painted if you don’t want them too. But making sure they aren’t jagged, or dirty just gives a little more polish to your look in a subtle way.

Finally, invest in good haircare with a brush that has your hair texture in mind. As you can see from the various brush ranges out there, such as Spornette Hair Brushes, there are different brushes for different hair types. Using the right hairbrush can help cut down on frizz and breakage for your hair.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

2- Understand What You Like

Another way that you could be working against yourself, is if you’re trying to copy trends instead of understanding and personalizing them. Instead of copying the magazines or celebrity style choices, you should identify what you like and choose that. This isn’t to say you can’t take inspiration, but if you hate heels or ripped jeans, find those flats and skinny jeans and rock your own look!

For example, if you love the way you feel in straight-leg pants it might be because they make you feel tall, and in that case, look for other clothes that give you elongated lines. When you understand why you feel good in the clothes you wear, you’re able to cultivate true style and not just an outfit or two you feel good in.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

3- Comfort is Key

We have all heard the phrase “beauty is pain” right? That age-old saying where you feel you need to push yourself into uncomfortable clothes for that sake of looking fashionable. This phrase has officially gone out of fashion!

If you’re physically uncomfortable in your clothing you going to be unhappy. That is just a fact. On top of that, the mental strain of feeling awful or in pain means you won’t even appreciate the look you’ve created.

It’s OK to push your style boundaries to go out of the box – but go easy. If you want to change up your look a little or test a style, wear at home first or just for a day, see how you like it. If you are worried you might hate it then there is no shame in packing a spare item of clothing in your bag, a pair of pants or top you know you love just as a backup.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE 3 Ways of Supporting Your Style

In The End

All in all, your style should work for you. Make sure that no matter what, you feel comfortable and happy, inside and out! Then you will be setting yourself up for success!

Images from Jade by Liselotte Fleur & Bernadette van Wijlen – See the full story here

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