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PFW: OFFICINE GÉNÉRALE Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection

Explore Officine Générale’s 10th anniversary show presented at Musée des Archives nationales.


Designer Pierre Maheo presented Officine Générale Spring Summer 2023 Menswear Collection, on June 24th, at Musée des Archives nationales during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. This was Officine Générale’s 10th anniversary runway show.



I am particularly fond of this collection that I greatly enjoyed developing. The delicate nonchalance coming through the volume of my women’s pants is mirrored in my men’s. I found myself finally over needing to identify in each of the collection pieces, enjoying more freedoms in menswear, in the cuts but also fabrics and patterns. These novelty pieces have been a delight to wear. However, I don’t feel the urge to change everything, of course. My favorite fabrics are still present, light and crisp poplins, some fayorite fresco wools, cottons and linens threaded with a touch of Tencel for an extra softness. Silk also comes in to bring out a sunny and smooth side of pants to be worn both in the streets of Paris and a Mediterranean summer night. This season’s color palette standouts include a not so summery yet very chic espresso, a pink neither too pale nor too dark, alongside a celadon green for a touch of freshness. The women’s collection is taking a larger place in the show, as it finally embodies what| had been envisioning. Masculine-inflected touches further the femininity of certain shapes. Trenches are closely matching the pants highlighting the waist. Shirts are playfully over-extended. Skirts are retooling the tailoring codes. – from Officine Générale


Style Consultant: Giovanni Dario Laudicina
Stylist Assistant : Yuma Mirza
Hair Stylist : Ed Moelands
Make Up Artist : Janeen Witherspoon
Casting Director : Paul Louisor
Production ; Eyesight
Music: Mode F
Video : Titre Provisoire
Image Director: Nina Mahéo
Thanks to M-A-C and Marc Deloche

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