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5 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Modeling Career

For the best advice on how to improve or begin your Instagram modeling career, continue reading

Photography by ©Anthony for DSCENE

Getting into and making a name for yourself in the modeling industry is difficult, especially on social media. However, if you make it, it can be a very profitable career.

Read on if you’re interested in boosting or starting your Instagram modeling career for the top tips you should be using.

1. Get in Touch with a Good Photographer for Editorial Shots

The biggest thing you can do to help your career is to find several good photographers that will help you. It’s good to have several types of photographers to help you take different types of photos. Some photographers will only do certain kinds of shots.

Editorial shots are a way of setting a mood or theme or telling a story through fashion and imagery. Doing editorial shots is a great way to express yourself and connect with your followers. It can make you seem more genuine and appeal more to your audience. Finding an excellent editorial fashion photographer is crucial.

2. Post Commercial Shots

Unlike the editorial shot, here, you’re trying to sell a product or a line of clothing like many models. This signals to potential sponsors that you have what it takes to show off their product.
Your sponsors will benefit from an attractive model advertising their products, which will boost their sales. It also helps you because companies will see that you are willing to take commercial shots, and they’ll be more inclined to reach out to you.

Photography by ©Anthony for DSCENE

3. Know How to Use the App and Algorithm

Another excellent way to boost your follower count and become popular is to understand how to use the app properly. Anyone can get onto Instagram and start posting pictures. However, only those who understand how to use the app will become famous.

Knowing the algorithm and how it works is a bit more technical and may be confusing at first. However, this is the best way to promote yourself.

The algorithm is basically what decides what is popular by monitoring what people like and search for. It determines what shows up in people’s feeds. Based on the algorithm, you can identify what a good post is. Understanding how this works can help or hinder you when trying to reach new followers.

4. Stay on Top of What Is Trending

There may be about a billion users on Instagram, but you need to have a way of getting your content on their Explore page. One of the best ways is to post content that fits in with currently trending hashtags, sounds, and styles.

Making sure you stay on top of what is popular and trending is how you make relevant posts and share what your followers will want to see. You can spot trends by scrolling through popular creators and seeing what they’re doing and what is getting the most likes or views.

5. Show That You Are a Real Person

People often think that Instagram models merely represent distant, unachievable beauty standards or are vain. This can make people feel bad about themselves or dislike you and your content.

Show them that you are real by taking some behind-the-scenes shots when you are not all dressed up or doing regular tasks at home. This can help demonstrate that you’re a normal person and make it easier for them like you more. You can’t make everyone like you, but this can help you appear more genuine.

Photography by ©Anthony for DSCENE

Watch Your Career Take Off

Not everyone can achieve becoming an Instagram model. However, following these tips will improve your chances, and you’ll be far more likely to accomplish your goals.

Images from DSCENE STYLE STORIES: Flowers by Anthony & Dima Igorevich – See the full story here

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