DSCENE issue 19 features cover stars Esther-Rose McGregor, Jade Eliasek, Simone Bricchi and Luke Hemmings.


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When the DSCENE team gathered together to discuss this issue, an idea emerged of making it closely themed around the world we create on our own, widely known as bubbles. A social bubble is something most of us live in, whether that is an algorithm on our social media catered to entertain us but also anger us, or our real life circle of friends. Often we only realize we live in a bubble, when something shockingly disturbs it or even worse bursts it. These bubble’s of our own, are simply ‘The World We Live In‘, often we are only looking throughout them. In our own hometown, we recently experienced gun violence, something we would only see on the screens, as something happening somewhere else to somebody else. Then what disturbed many of us, was people continuing to live in their own worlds, trying to ignore the glum of what has just happened. This is what happens even during war times, as someone who comes from a conflict zone, for me it is normal seeing people in Ukraine today trying to get on with their daily lives. Even when there is shelling in their neighbourhoods. But more importantly, there is something eternally resonant with what happens within the bubbles in such turbulent times. Art is created, designers are working, they are creating furniture, bags, clothes, even the magazines are still assembled.

You might assume that the fashion and art world live in a bubble, and rightfully so. “The World We Live In” takes DSCENE editors and contributors on various paths. Searching for what the fashion world knows best, our cover stories celebrate the design but also explore the world around us. On our perhaps most elegant story to date, the world is a stunning villa in Italy, La Foleia, where our cover star Jade Eliasek, clad in Chanel total looks is living the epitome of luxury, yet roams around the villa in a solitude of a bubble of her own. Our resident art director Igor Cvoro, who captured Jade’s fashion story with stylist Emily Lee, had another task in Italy for this issue. Travelling to the ultimate bubble in Italy, the city of Milan, where the Milanese often try to pretend the politics in their country touches no-one and the expensive clothes fit seamlessly around the streets. Helping us tell this story was it-boy Simone Bricchi, who wore the best of season’s menswear pieces. However even for Simone, as you will see in the editorial some of the Milanese would stop shocked looking at his outfits, with some even passing by with quite a reaction to his Celine crop top. Yet Simone, a true professional that he is, did not even notice what goes around him.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we team up with cover girl Esther-Rose McGregor, a true rising star on the scene who teams up for a striking shoot with Damien Fry. To the music superstar Luke Hemmings photographed in Los Angeles, who talked about his career and the world of music he creates solo and with his band members. I also recommend not missing our sit down conversations with actresses Natalia Tena, and Jess Alexander who both carve their own paths in the world of cinema. Another start of the issue is fashion entrepreneur George Heaton the founder of fashion label Represent, who reshapes the way industry can work today. Thus showing a whole new way to succeed on the already saturated fashion scene. What links our contributors is creativity, rather than creed, a belief that we are greater together than apart. But this approach is also integral to what it means to live and work in the world of the creative industries today.

Finally, art comes as another focal point of this issue of DSCENE thanks to the ‘Day Before Tomorrow‘ project by artist and curator Vuk Cuk. The exhibition, set to premiere in Belgrade, features mind-bending work by Eva Papamargariti, Zarina Nares, Lyn Liu, Filip Kostic, Damien H. Ding as well as Vuk Cuk. So where do we find ourselves in today’s world? If DSCENE is a lens through which to see art and fashion, what it might tell us about ourselves then we hope you will find everything you are looking for here.