Discover our DSCENE Summer 2020 the True Blue issue with cover star Sam Rollinson alongside exclusive interviews with Giuseppe Zanotti, Marcelo Burlon, CEO of Valextra Sara Ferrero, James Long at Iceberg plus much more.

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75?, 154 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Photographers: Damien Krisl, Dan Sjölund, Kevin Roldan, Kimdary, Laurie Basset, Mark Williams & Sara Hirakawa, Matteo Bertolio, Olivier Yoan, Takahiro Ogawa

Contributing Stylists: Hannah Beck, Joana Dacheville, Masayo Kishi, Sara Hirakawa

Models: Adrian Sotiris, Åke Wold Bremer, Angus Hansson Svan, Bianca Henry, David Hermelin, Erik Fallberg, Fredrik Edlund, Grace Sharp, Hannah Holman,Hektor Wedin, Hugo Landberg, Jacob Drotz, Justice Karly, Kevin, Lex Hands, Love Ström, Philip Reimers, Richie Muquembo, Sam Rollinson, Zacky

Contributing Writers: Lisa Jureczko, Quade Au

Illustrations: Vuk Cuk

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“Beauty is not caused. It is.” So wrote American Poet Emily Dickinson, a line of poetry living for a century and a half is here to reflect what throughout any trials is here to stay. That line by Emily Dickinson appeared in my mind while exploring the relationship between the surface of beauty, and what might lie beneath.  Little did we know our worlds are to be turned upside down, when most of us have experienced or are still working at home for the new issue of DSCENE we are investigating our culture and our way of living.

The contributing photographers working on DSCENE magazine’s True Blue issue came together with us wanting to celebrate the colour blue as seen on the runways a year ago. While this summer would have been filled with endless seaside photos and blue outfits we are now in a reality of rethinking every single aspect of our work and private lives. At the same time we are re-examining the way we treat our co-workers and our neighbors. Questioning if we have done enough? Sitting down and taking time to learn.

We are starting the issue on a lighter note, where I looked back at the time when something as trivial as colour was more valuable than gold itself. Whether art itself was pivotal at the time as the quest for the colour blue is from this standpoint is hard to know. Yet this story shows how many things in our life today we take for granted. Just as we do with nature all around us, perhaps due to the lack of information. Even when you think you may know everything you need to know about the pollution surrounding us, the extensive investigative piece by journalist Lisa Jureczko left me dumbfounded and scared for our immediate future. Lisa did not want to actually scare any of you reading the piece, she has just reflected on astounding proportions of the rapidly increasing human cause pollution. Dried out seas and floating plastic continents are unfortunately the reality we refuse to reflect on. What may find you in a somber mood is little to no sign we are taking on a course correction when it comes to the way we treat our planet.