Claire Danes, Susan Sarandon, Sarah Jessica & Iman for Variety

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Claire Danes

Variety Magazine enlists actresses Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon and legendary supermodel Iman Abdulmajid for the April 2014 Power of Women NY cover story captured by fashion photographer Yu Tsai.

ClaireDanes ClaireDanes

Actress: Claire Danes
Stylist: Petra Flannery
Hair: Adir Abergel
Makeup: Mai Quynh

Iman Iman

Model: Iman Abdulmajid
Stylist: Joseph Episcopo
Hair: Oscar James
Makeup: Valente Frazier

Sarah Jessica Sarah Jessica

Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker Stylist: Erin Walsh
Hair: Serge Normant
Makeup: Leslie Lopez
Manicure: Gina Eppolito

Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon

Actress: Susan Sarandon
Stylist: Joseph Episcopo
Hair: Birgitte Phillippedes
Makeup: Ma Kalaadevi Ananda