Silverline by Marta Macha for Design Scene

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Silverline story captured exclusively for Design Scene by photographer Marta Macha with makeup and styling from Anna Akińcza. The stunning model featured in the story is Aleksandra Turska at NEVA Models, who for the session wears designs from Błażej Teliński and Anna Dudzińska. Hair styling courtesy of hair stylist Daniel Gryszke.

Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-02 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-03 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-04 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-05 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-06 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-07 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-08 Silverline-by-Marta-Macha-for-Design-Scene-09

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