Fondazione Prada: “To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll” by Goshka Macuga

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Fondazione Prada presents the exhibition “To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll” by Goshka Macuga in Milan from 4 February to 19 June 2016 in the spaces of the Podium, the Cisterna and the Sud gallery. Macuga works across a variety of media including sculpture, installation, photography, architecture and design. The focus of her work shines a spotlight on “how we create our own classificatory systems for producing and remembering knowledge in times of rapidly advancing technology and information saturation.

Artist developed the project “To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll” exclusively for Fondazione Prada’s spaces. The work brings together refflections on time, beginnings and endings, collapse and renewal. She poses a fundamental question: how important is it to address the question of “the end” in the context of contemporary art practice?

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Goshka-Macuga-2   Goshka-Macuga-3   Goshka-Macuga-4      Goshka-Macuga-6   Goshka-Macuga-7   Goshka-Macuga-8   Goshka-Macuga-9   Goshka-Macuga-10   Goshka-Macuga-11   Goshka-Macuga-12   Goshka-Macuga-13   Goshka-Macuga-14   Goshka-Macuga-15

Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani Studio

Courtesy Fondazione Prada

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