#ART: Daan Roukens Mural and New Paintings

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Dutch visual artist Daan Roukens shares with us his latest mural as well as three new paintings. Daan is known for his abstract design, which can be experienced through the relationship of  form, color and composition. His work is all about tension between the repetitive and the asymmetrical and finding the ultimate balance and it’s contrasts. The path from an idea to the final work is a dynamic process, manually created from sketch to result, painted intuitively layer by layer, by adjusting the patterns , color and shapes. Further more, Daan use his artworks on different surfaces, such as clothing and design.

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Wall Painting #6

The latest Roukens’s mural is located in the old industrial complex Tandwielenfabriek in the heart of Amsterdam, now turned into a residential space. The wall painting is created to enhance the interior and construction of the building, with the pattern of parallelograms that follows the characteristic factory details of red brick walls and dark steel constructions.

Painting #21 

Painting #22

Painting #23