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Long gone are the days of a little black dress on a VICTORIA BECKHAM runway, in fact the latest collection sent down the Spring Summer 2017 runway in New York pretty much gives Ms. Beckahm to lose the ‘celebrity designer’ adjective. For the NYC runway show the designer and her team have prepared thirty four eye-catching new looks, both by the choice of materials and innovative cuts the garments are no doubt trend setting.

See all the looks after the jump:  
vb-2 vb-3 vb-4 vb-5 vb-6 vb-7 vb-8 vb-9 vb-10 vb-11 vb-12 vb-13 vb-14 vb-15 vb-16 vb-17 vb-18 vb-19 vb-20 vb-21 vb-22 vb-23 vb-24 vb-25 vb-26 vb-27 vb-28 vb-29 vb-30 vb-31 vb-32 vb-33 vb-34
All Images Courtesy of Victoria Beckham

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