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Slab D-Chair by Brothers Dressler

Slab D-ChairDesigned by Brothers DresslerWebsite: www.brothersdressler.comAn elegant one-piece and multi-purpose chair at home behind a desk or at a dining table designed by Brotheres Dressler. Taking its cue from cantilevered chairs of the past, this continuous slab of wood is … Read More

Uvula by Brothers Dressler

Uvula (chair/stool/side table)Designed by Brothers DresslerWebsite: www.brothersdressler.comThe uvula the first experimental prototype within the Morph series. Objects in the series are composed of an inner skeleton and a veneer skin. The uvula is designed to be a multi-functional chair/stool/side table … Read More

Onedge Rocker by Brothers Dressler

Onedge RockerDesigned by Brothers DresslerWebsite: www.brothersdressler.comThe onedge series explores using plywood on its edge to create form, structure, and comfort. The onedge rocker allows for relaxation and swaying movement for times of repose. The cantilevered design offers slight flex and … Read More