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Year In Review November 2011

November 2011 features diverse top 10 led by the show-stopping Benetton Unhate campaign, followed by Dior, Michael Kors and splendid stories sent to us by Rio Prasetia, Maciej Bernas & Boom Team as well as Alfredo Albanesi. View the complete … Read More

Arthur Sales & Mario Loncarski by Alfredo Albanesi for Geil

Magazine: Geil Editorial: Mission Impossible Models: Arthur Sales |Spin|, Mario Loncarski |Kult| Photography & Fashion:  Alfredo Albanesi Website: Photographer Alfredo Albanesi shares with us the dynamic Mission Impossible, one of his latest stories with models Mario Loncarski and Arthur Sales photographed for Geil … Read More

Arthur Sales & Travis Hanson for Client

Magazine: Client Issue: #4 Editorial: The Resort Models: Arthur Sales, Travis Hanson Grooming: Steven Hoeppner |Timothy Priano| Fashion Coordinator: Cindy King Creative Director: Natalie Viaux Assistants: Austin Beausoleil, Jasiv Styling & Photography: Alfredo Albanesi Website: After the recently featured … Read More

Arthur Sales for Client Magazine’s 4th Issue

Magazine: Client Issue: #4 Model: Arthur Sales |Soul Artist| Grooming: Steven Hoeppner |Timothy Priano| Creative Director: Natalie Viaux Fashion Coordinator: Cindy King Photo Assistants: Austin Beausoleil, Jasiv Photographer & Stylist: Alfredo Albanesi Website: After Victor Nylander and Marlon Teixeira … Read More