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Chairs, Chairs , Chairs and Some More Chairs

Avl shaker chair
designer: Joep van Lieshout
Celebrating the innovations derived directly from the Shaker communities, ‘Atelier Van Lieshout’ have created the perfect partner for the cheeks. Encompassing all the qualities of the traditional craftsmanship yet captivating a totally contemporary aesthetic.

Carbon Chair
designer: Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders

Carbon chair speaks of dedicated craftsmanship in connection to high tech materials and the material expertise only possible by personal excitement, passion and the love of “enlighted amateurs”.

Element easy chair
designer: sandin & bülow

Element easy chair is used for creative meetings and conferences. A comfortable easy chair for active sitting. Element, connected in a variety of straight or curved formations, is also suitable as seating for waiting rooms and foyers. The connecting table in moulded birch creates a suitable distance to the person sitting next to you.

Centrum easy chair
designer: sandin & bülow

This swivelling conference easy chair is part of the internationally acclaimed conference concept for creative meetings – Centrum. Centrum was awarded the design prize Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Design) in 1998.

Zena Holloway underwater photographer and director