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Justin DeWalt, if Dali had photoshop …

Designer: Justin DeWalt

If Salvador Dali had photoshop, I bet his art would look something like this. Justin DeWalt is an amazing new artist on the block, and to see how much with talent and probably lot of work you can achieve in graphic design, check out his web portfolio at Heres the bio. taken of Justin's website:

"Justin DeWalt is a self-taught 19 year old graphic artist of Pennsylvania. With less than a year in the professional market under his wing, his career has really taken off. He began getting heavy into design in the summer of 2006, where many doors were opened for him. Justin is slowly but surely making a name for himself. He has had no "formal" training in design but is really taking this job for a ride. In the coming years he plans to expand his name and business and begin to market his other talents/skills as well. He's a artist to really look out for in the future."

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