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Top Model goes green

TV show: America's next top model
Photographer: Mike Rosenthal
Photo shoot creative director: Jay Manuel

After the selection of the models, cycle 9 started, apparently Tyra is making it green, and nature friendly, there for the models will be forbidden to smoke. And the 1st photo shoot had the anti-smoking theme, featuring two photos of every model one before glamorous smoking photo and other which presented reflection in the mirror of the model with smoking side effects. 1st one sent home was Mila (on the photo above , in losing hair from chemotherapy theme), a girl with Russian origin, seemingly opposite of everything Natasha was, even tho in some interviews circling round YouTube she didn't seem like 'Mila' on the show.

Photos from Anti-Smoking photo shoot: Heather and Saleisha: Secondhand Smoke; Lisa: Facial Tumor; Chantal: Tracheotomy; Sarah: Premature Aging; Jenah:Hair Loss from Chemotherapy; Ambreal: Lung Cancer; Janet: Burn Victim; Kimberly: Sunken Face; Bianca: Severe Gingivitis; Ebony: Collapsed Lung / Gas Mask.

Our fave is,
Victoria: Stillborn Child, we will see how she'll do in the next shoots.

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