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Robyn, Cuz we can’t handle her

Artist: Robyn
Single: Handle Me
Album: Robyn (2007 rerelease)
Video Director:
Johan Renck

'Handle Me' will be in the shops on 29th October, and available a week earlier on 22nd October digitally. The single is backed with a brand new video directed by Johan Renck, and an exciting remix package including Soulseekerz, Williams, OrtzRoka and Bjorn (from Peter, Bjorn and John)
This is the new single from Robyn, getting a release after the #1 hit "With Every Heartbeat" due to recent success of her rereleased album Robyn decided to make a new video for Handle Me, click HERE to view the old version, and new one is under the text on our YouTube.
We talked about Robyn a while ago.

Click HERE to see the video.

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