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Kylie’s big comeback version 3.0

Artist: Kylie Minogue
Review by: Nika Nikolic

Miss Kylie Minogue, everybody’s favorite pop-tart makes a return on the music scene with her brand new album X. This is news because it’s her first full studio album in 4 long years and it’s her 10th album in her 20 year long career , hence the name. The album has been quite some time in the making and features the hippest who’s who of the moment and is chucked full with her trademark bouncy electro songs.

Just like one would expect of our dear Kylie there are only a few surprises on the album. One being the daring lead single 2 Hearts, where she sounds like Marilyn Monroe recovering from a hangover singing on top of a Goldfrapp instrumental, which isn’t bad at all. Another track called Sensitized which seems to be released an album too late is also a bit of a fresh breeze in the long list of bouncy pop tunes Kylie has given her name to. The track borrows heavily from the Serge Gainsboug and Brigitte Bardot song called Bonnie & Clyde. Of course this elegant and stylish pop ditty would have fitted better on Kylie’s previous effort, 2003 Body Language where the entire artwork and look had been inspired by Bardot.


But just like all previous Kylie releases, X isn’t flaw or filler-less. On the rumored second single Wow she manages to sound like a parody of herself, Heartbeat Rock is all too childish, and the ballads All I See and Cosmic are too bland for words. Thankfully there are enough of the good ole dance songs that have made Kylie the star that she is, namely the future hits: In My Arms and Speakerphone. These tracks are sure to become big hits and fan favorites. In conclusion: X surly is a very strong pop record. Although flawed it probably still is one of the best we have seen in quite some time.

Written by Nika Nikolic, exclusively for Design Scene blog

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