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Paris Spring Summer 2009: Chanel

Collection: Chanel
Season: Spring Summer 2009
Designer: Karl Lagerfeld
With models coming out of a Chanel shop, Karl obviously didn't want to shy away from the new consumer age coming, telling to the reports how he has tons of buyers in the middle east, so who cares bout the economy problems, in other parts of the world. The classical Chanel forms were present, without any traces of last years american pop motives, all was there looking bigger and more patterned. The only bad thing to point out was the see through plastic used for the shoes, which was also present in the Fendi footwear, I'm sorry but you just don't go and spend 100s of euros on a PVC shoe, which will probably go yellow in few months, other than that, perfection. Photo source To view the runway video click bellow:

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