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Untitled by Natasa Vojnovic and Barnaby Roper

Concept: Natasa Vojnovic and Barnaby Roper
Direction: Barnaby Roper
Cast: Natasa Vojnovic
Photographic Direction: Bryon Werner
Production: Vonetta Baldwin, Emma Comley, Rachel Rumbold
Make-Up: Darlene Jones
Hair: Yiotis Panayiotou
Editing: Amanda James
Fashion: Stærk
Special Thanks to Smashbox Studios, Tom Russell at Prime Focus, Duncan Ord at Women Management, Moo Management, Trish South, David Lyons, Rebecca Donaghe, Flynn Productions
You can talk about a model citizen, but Belgrade-born New York based model Natasa V is a true citizen of the world. In her Political Fashion film, director Barnaby Roper (literally) strips her to the bare essentials, but the most intriguing element is what she doesn’t reveal. Source: Women

Ron Arad: Designer/Architect

Ipsum Planet: In My Room