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Milano: Dolce & Gabbana FW 2009.10.

Collection: Dolce & Gabbana
Season: F/W 2009
Models: Noah Mills, Jesper Lund, Sebastian Lund, Adam Senn, David Gandy, Julien Quevenne, Antonio Navas, Tom Warren, Thomaz De Oliveira, Borys Starosz, Eddie Klint, Reid Prebenda, Kevin Ferreira de Sampaio, Tobias Sorensen, Texas Olsson, Oliver Altman, Tyler Riggs, Travis Davenport, Sean Harju, Jonathan Ferreira de Samapio, James Neate, Brian Davenport, Jarek Pietka, Matthew Coatsworth, Sam Webb, Casey Taylor, Michael Camiloto, Guy Robinson, Toms Birkavs, Simon Nessman, Jon Kortajarena + more
The new Fall Winter Dolce & Gabbana Sicilia inspired collection, was presented on the 1st day of Milano Fashion Week, with over 70 outfits taking to the runway. The Sicilian inspiration was all to close to the Playboy mention sentiment, with a slew of of sleepwear – Hugh Hefner style garments. After more than 20 black outfits starting the show (where our eye caught saw some incredibly interesting military style jackets),  we were sure its gonna be a black winter. However a very nice surprise followed with fuchsia colour pop-up, culminating with a bright suit worn by Sebasiten Lund (followed by the array of white suits in the finale). A collection as massive as this is sure to bring lot of Yes and No's no doubt a number of these outfits will shape the winter of 2009.10.
Click bellow for the video and more of our favorite looks singled out:


Blake Lively by Mario Testino

Crystal City Mind by Coordination Berlin