Ryan Taylor by Karim Sadli

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Model: Ryan Taylor
Edit: Private Ryan
Photography by Karim Sadli
Fashion by Oli Arnold
Website: www.karimsadli.com
Just few seasons ago Ryan Taylor was one of the young models on a rising supermodel path, with a huge number of campaigns everybody was anticipating his return, but seems that will not happen. By the reports he's no longer represented by any agency, he retired or you can say quit the modeling business, to pursue other endeavors college or acting. Good luck Ryan!


  1. Anonymous says:

    why did he give up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    tears tears tears. he was/is my fav model ='[

  3. designscene says:

    in Canada i think getting ready for college

  4. hunnylover says:

    I remember there were rumours stating that he was supposed to report back by January since he took time off because he wanted to finish his education?

    He was a great model and über handsome. I personally think he could’ve been at the top but I hear he’s trying a hand at acting now. At least maybe he could become a famous movie star and you could say “I liked him since he first started out as a male model.” =P!